Diagnose how Magic Rack
will work for your warehouse

10 questions

"Magic Rack" is a revolutionary, highly efficient storage system that meets future logistics needs.
Please answer the following ten questions about requirements for warehouses you operate or are planning to build.

We will diagnose your suitability of "Magic Rack".

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  • Q1

    The number of pallets is increasing in the warehouse and storage space is a problem.

  • Q2

    Securing personnel for forklift work, etc. is difficult.

  • Q3

    A lot of time is spent on moving inventory and handling cargo.

  • Q4

    A majority of the storage/retreival is in pallets.

  • Q5

    Inventory is stored in a leased logistics facility (multi-tenant, etc.).

  • Q6

    We want to increase storage capacity in the warehouse, or reduce the floor space for storage.

  • Q7

    We want to consolidate storage locations to reduce internal logistics costs.

  • Q8

    We need to reduce the construction costs for a new warehouse.

  • Q9

    We want to sort pallets in advance to prepare them for shipping the next day.

  • Q10

    We are considering implementing a logistics system (such as AGV/AGF).

Diagnosis Results

Magic Rack suitability for your warehouse7


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