Case Study

Overcomming multiple constraints in warehouse construction to achieved an overwhelming storage efficiency.
Full automation from production line to shipment

Food & Beverage Manufacturer A

To expand shipping and supply to the Kanto area—the largest consumption area in Japan—food and beverage manufacturer A carried out a renovation project aimed at stepping up production and streamlining logistics. A major turning point in the project was the construction of a logistics warehouse next to the production plant. The project had to consider the environment around the plant and various regulations including landscape ordinances. Unprecedented efforts were required.

Food & Beverage Manufacturer A

Deployment background

  • Plan was made to increase the production in preparation for the expanding shipment and supply. Together with the addition of production lines, building a new shipping warehouse for primary storage beside the plant was decided to enable seamless and efficient shipping.
  • Storage capacity of tens of thousands of pallets and the throughput of hundreds of pallets per hour was required.
  • The area surrounding the plant was a lush natural environment and coexistence was mandatory. In addition to various laws and regulations, restrictions, including building height regulations based on a landscape ordinance and the limited construction space needed to be addressed.

Reasons for choosing Magic Rack

  • Upon choosing an automated warehouse, stacker crane-type automated warehouses from various companies were considered as well as our Magic Rack. However, it was not possible for conventional automated warehouses to meet the required specifications when faced with many laws and regulations and restrictions. In contrast, Magic Rack was able to overcome such constraints and meet such requirements, and at the same time, demonstrate maximum storage efficiency with minimal space. The very reason Magic Rack was chosen.
  • In the event of a disaster, food and beverage manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure supply. Magic Rack also received high marks for its safety and measures such as the recovery procedures performed by warehouse staff in the event of earthquakes.

Effects of deploying Magic Rack

  • Incorporating the characteristics of Magic Rack from the design stage of construction significantly contributed to creating a warehouse that meets both logistics and construction requirements.
  • By directly connecting the plant building and the warehouse building and leaving the entire logistics, from warehousing to shipping, to our logistics system, material handling from the production line to the shipping truck loading point has been fully automated making the plant capable of efficient operations 24 hours a day.
  • Products that were stored in other storage warehouses are now consolidated at one location, significantly reducing logistics costs.